Understand how Psychometric tests are helpful for your business growth


Research proves that when a new hiring is done for any type of business 46% fail within 18Months after their joining. The major reason for the attrition is that the new hires personality traits didn’t match the job profile and secondly is human interaction, not the brain based skills. Several interview rounds are done before hiring any candidate, so what is the solution to hire the best candidate which performs according to desired standards.

As a business owner, we always want to hire perfect people to build our teams who can work towards the achievement of business goals along with individual goals too. It is the very costly affair if hiring goes wrong or not in an expected way. So what should be done to lessen the chances of unfit hiring for your business or organization?

Usually, Business owners and HR professionals follow a traditional approach of hiring in which the main focus in on the technical ability judgment at the first stage of recruitment. Next check is in the attitude and the cultural fitment of the shortlisted candidate. But this traditional method is time-consuming and does not always guarantee a perfect hiring even after multiple rounds of screening. So the solution for you is that you should invest in psychometric tests for recruitment which can be used while hiring a candidate for any level or position.

Psychometric test role:

Large companies rely on Psychometric assessment tool while hiring a candidate, so if you are a business owner of a small or a medium sized organization, then you should definitely use this test to increase the effectiveness of the hiring process.

Psychometric tests are designed in such a way that it helps in identifying the personality trait of the applicants, how these candidates will behave in a workplace or in a particular situation. It also helps in checking the technical aspect of the candidate in relation to the job profile. The different questions included in the test include the situations where the candidate needs to answer how he/she will react in a particular situation or how he will interact with co-workers. It helps you in identifying whether the shortlisted candidate will be able to fit properly in the organization or with current team members easily.

Usage of such tests during the recruitments helps in saving time, efforts and cost too. Therearea variety of tests available in the market. Some are free tests available on the web and some are paid. Free software available on the web will not be helpful in getting the detailed information about the candidate. So it is advised to always invest in a high and reputed paid psychometric test offered by different service providers.

There are various companies available in the market, which customize the psychometric tests according to the client requirement. So you need to first identify such companies which provide genuine and unique psychometric tests and brief them your requirement.

The test will be prepared on the basis of the business you are involved in, for the profile you are hiring for and what type of details you want from the test result.