Try these great venues for London kids parties

kids party

London is a great place to do almost anything in the world and this includes providing great venues for London kids parties. The greatest part about any great venue is that the main patrons, the children, will always have something great to do and that will also allow them to have the greatest birthday party that they could ever hope for! Here are some of the top venues that you should consider the next time you need to host London kids parties.

  • Having a fun afternoon with the animals at Battersea Children’s Zoo

Children love cute and furry animals while the braver ones would prefer looking at snakes and spiders. However no matter what preference a child has towards animals, the fact still remains that they love being around animals and simply love to watch them all the time. That is why this child-friendly zoo makes for a great place to hose London kids parties. Some of the attractions include a tour with lots of facts about the various animals at the zoo and there are many animals there that can’t otherwise be seen anywhere else.

From meekrats to monkeys the variety of animals are endless but the best is yet to come. The children will be invited to help prepare the lunches for the animals and watch how they are fed with the prepared food. Then before the day is over, the birthday child is actually allows to paint on one of the Birthday Bricks at the zoo’s prepared wall for special parties.

  • Riding aboard the Golden Hinde

Nothing speaks about fun than a makeshift pirate ship and this is exactly what the children will get when you decide to host London kids parties here! The children are expected to try their best to dress like an actual pirate and then be ready for some swash-bucklin’ fun and to hear of tales of living in the seven seas. At any time during the party guests can be invited into the dungeon room for a wonderful feast. As an added bonus guests can also invite along their friends via a special invitation card that’s styled like a scroll.

  • A pair of mad scientists entertain at Mad Science

Children love wackiness and when it comes to organizing London kids parties for them, you can’t go wrong than with a pair of loopy scientists at Mad Science! Welcoming the children with a bang, the children are in for a loud and explosive show as they watch failed experiments go boom!