Tips For Choosing The Right Georgia Golf Communities

Golf Community

People live in all kinds of homes. It is quite rare and special if you live in one of the Georgia golf communities. It is a unique experience in itself, but if you can choose the right community, you will never want to live anywhere else. Here are some key points to be evaluated when choosing the right golf community for your family.


Once you have determined the location where you will be living, next you should consider factors like golfing, views, and the kind of activities you will want to enjoy. You should also think about the kind of home you need – a single family house or a condo.

Tour the Communities

Once you have created a list of the priorities you will be considering, tour different communities. Meet other residents and find out what they have to say. You may want to check if the community comprises of lots of active adults or families.

Find out if neighbors get together often or whether they keep to themselves. A typical golf community will allow you to tour their golf course so that you can get an experience of how things are.

Availability of Home Sites

You may want to live close to the golf course. The communities will offer course sites and you should check if vacant sites are available.

The site may give you magnificent views, but you don’t want to have your windows replaced every now and then. A course site could also mean lots of people walking around your home most of the time.


You may also want to find out the kinds and frequency of tournaments the course hosts. They can be of different types:

  • Amateur
  • Charity
  • Professional

Many such golf communities usually host charity and amateur tournaments. But always keep in mind that all kinds of tournaments can increase traffic in your community.

But this has an additional benefit – more publicity brings more value. So, the more tournaments are hosted, the higher could be the value of your home.

Membership Requirements

Some golf communities may require you to buy a full membership with them when you purchase a home with them. This membership is separate from the home purchase.

Some may offer options for partial and social memberships. You may have access to their clubhouse and fitness center but cannot play golf, as part of the home purchase.

So consider all these factor when choosing a home in Georgia golf communities.