Themes for arranging wedding anniversary for your loved ones


The anniversary is a milestone in every couple’s life. It marks the completion of years of togetherness which includes good and bad times. It is the perfect occasion to celebrate the journey of togetherness. It’s a great idea to share the special occasion of the anniversary with friends and family. Now, it’s easy to send cake online from shops on the same day of order. The cakes are available in a huge range, and hence one can choose a cake that may be loved by the concerned person.

If you are looking for amazing themes for your wedding anniversary celebration, here are some exciting ideas for you:

  • Decade Party

The decade party is about picking a specific decade like the 70s or 80s and following the trends prevalent during those days. For example, if you pick the 70s Retro theme, ensure your costumes, decor, and music everything is from that decade. The invites should also be in sync with your theme. Apparels are themain attraction of any theme based party so make sure you mention the same in the invites. Also, work a little on your hairdo. It is important to prepare well before organizing such party as each decade has specific protocol also and hence one needs to inform the guests also about the same in advance.

  • Famous couples

Famous couple is an exciting and new theme for ananniversary celebration. The couples from your circle can dress up as the renowned couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Beyonce and Jay Z to name a few. One can pick any famous couple apart from the movie business as well like singers or sports personalities. This would certainly make for a wonderful and eye catching theme. This can also make for a competition wherein you can pick the best-dressed couple and gift them something of your choice. A few competitions for the available couples can add a lot value to the party.

  • Hawaiian

If you want to go for a cool theme for the anniversary celebration, nothing like the Hawaiian theme! There is something quite fascinating about the Hawaiian dress, drinks, and aura which sets you in the relaxation mood. The men can dress up in Hawaiian shirts and women can come in loose maxi dresses and short,colorful outfits. Hawaiian drinks, umbrella, and some belly dancing can set the temperature roaring.

  • Gold/ Silver

This can be a theme as well. Right from outfits to decor, from cake to invites, you can have them all in gold or silver theme. It sure is a tricky affair, but it will add charm to your party.  However, it needs to have great preparation and focus from the hosts.

  • Destination

The destination theme is about picking a city like Paris, Prague, Santorini, Spain and the likes. Now, simply arrange for some thermocol monuments of these cities, some of their authentic food and drinks, and viola!

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