The Importance Of A-A-A Diet In The Field Of Sports

Balanced Diet

Balanced nutrition helps build a much better athlete who is physically as well as emotionally strong. In fact, the performance of an athlete is basically based on his training, diet and the power to endure. While training hard increases endurance, a balanced diet provides the athlete with the essential stamina and energy to train. Hence a balanced diet takes precedence over everything.

Today more and more people are coming to terms with this fact and opting for sports nutrition degree. While the conventional way was to supplement the diet with supplements by way of energy drinks etc., a more modern approach strongly advocates the philosophies of holistic nutrition for sports. This is primarily because this method

  • Uses naturally grown organic foods to fulfil and supplement the requirements of an athlete’s body and
  • Deals with detoxification and integration of the body with the mind and soul thereby increasing both the mental and physical capabilities of the athletes.

The A-A-A diet

Diet refers to the amount of food that is consumed by a person and it plays a very important role in the well-being of a sportsperson. In fact the A-A-A diet or the acid alkaline association diet has been in vogue since ancient times. It basically restores the pH balance of the body with the help of the food consumed thereby helping athletes to attain a near perfect, healthy body.

Irrespective of whether the athlete is a vegetarian, a vegan, a flesh eater or an eater of raw foods, the A-A-A diet regime, if seriously and rigorously followed, helps them to achieve optimum levels of performance by

  • Conserving reserves: When a balanced diet is taken, it helps to enhance the physiological performance of the athlete by
    • Accelerating digestive abilities and
    • Facilitating quick absorption of nutrients.

On the other hand, improperly combined food results in indigestion because

  • Of the putrefaction of proteins,
  • Fermentation of the carbohydrates and
  • Subsequent poisoning of the body at the cellular level resulting in an acidified body.

This acidification, robs the body of the required oxygen thereby depleting the body of its conserved resources.

  • Deposition and not withdrawals: For maximising athletic performance, it is important that the food ingested should be assimilated within the body. These assimilated nutrient deposits provide the required fuel for an enhanced power of endurance, strength and good health.
  • Enhancing energy levels not robbing them: An acidified body depletes the body of much required energy by draining the cells and weakening the strength of the body. Hence acid forming food should be properly digested so that they become energy enhancers and not energy robbers.

The A-A-A diet is a perfect solution for all athletes looking to enhance and optimise their performance with the help of organically grown natural foods.