Suitable high pressure misting system


High pressure misting is a well- known and the most preferred system by many people. It is mostly used in restaurants, residences and resorts where there is a lot of heat. Extreme heat can really be a challenge if a solution is not found. High pressure misting system is found to be suitable in places where there is high temperature, for example, during hot seasons like summer.

This system utilizes a pump known as the misting pump. It is a specialized pump which is used to supply the misting system with very high pressure water between 800 to 1500 psi. By the use of high pressure water from the misting pump, the system is able to produce that fine mist (also known as a fog) that quickly evaporates into the air through flash evaporation process.

It is a clear agreement that high pressure misting is the best system to install in the hottest seasons. Have this great system installed in your backyard and you will notice that it will be the coolest place to hang-out with family and friends in a hot evening. It is also easy to install as long as you follow the provided instructions, but if you are unable to do it on your own it is advisable to ask for assistance from an expert.

High pressure misting also displays that beautiful and perfect appearance which compliments your commercial seating area or the whole outdoor look. The system is designed in a way that one can adjust the outdoor temperature with the use of the misting nozzle.

what to consider before installing high pressure misting system

A large area must be installed with the suitable misting system which is much stronger compared to a smaller place. During barbeque with friends at the backyard the temperature tends to be uncomfortable, but by the use of misting system you will get to enjoy your moments in a cool place even in a hot evening.

Choosing the right pump for your system is also something that a person chooses to consider. There are different sizes and designs of these pumps which are used in high pressure misting system. This will depend whether the system is installed for industrial purposes or domestic usage. Industrial high pressure misting pipes might be different in size compare the one installed for domestic use for example in the outdoor area

A mist system will also require a nozzle and a nozzle adapter which include plugs, cluster, extensions and others. Choose the suitable nozzle for your system to ensure that it works well at the end of the day. The nozzle should be cleanable and must have an adapter installed (which is an anti-drip).

Benefits of using high pressure system

One gets to enjoy a cool environment even when the sun is harshly burning outside. The system will produce fog and humidity which makes the place to be conducive for working or settling. In industries where propelling machines produces a lot of heat, the high pressure misting systems is able to reduce the temperature in the that place.