Reputed Community Program Editor, Sharon Younkin


The world is divided to haves and have-nots; it is strange that there is help everywhere but it requires some special people with commitment to take the help to the needy person. Sharon L. Younkin is a very creative person having interest in many activities. She is the creative director of number of health programs; these health programs are initiated with an aim to impact on the community’s health at large. She with the help of health programs serves the at-risk and the underserved populations. She is the community’s unity’s service program head of the UW medicine and public health school. Public health fraternity from Dane/Madison County in Wisconsin have awarded her with a partnership award for her dedicated and selfless community partnerships. She is pivotal in creativity of various programmes which benefit the under-privileged people. The programs she has initiated results in great community empowerment experiences for the UW Medical Students.

Sharon L. Younkin is pivotal in providing dental and health care to the homeless and uninsured individuals. It is rightly said; health is not treating disease but preventing disease. The preventive programme of Sharon has helped numerous people; if not for her help probably the section of the people may go without proper care. It is not one programme but she has initiated 6 partnerships in community servicing programs with quite a number of community organizations. One of the programs is offering free dental, medical and psychiatric care to the acute patients. She has also started an Allied Drive neighbourhood which is a program focussing on discussion on various issues with the young people. This program aims to help young people to choose right kind of lifestyle and focus their attention on health related issues. Good health is a precursor for all positive activities. The discussion also aims at promoting equality among participants and aims to impact the participants with social justice. The program also helps at creating safe pregnancy and activities related to the same.

She has extended her service to many programmes and does not leave any stone unturned in helping the needy. She has participated in various AIDS awareness programmes and has served in AIDS network as one of the member of the board. She is presently the board president of Allied Wellness Centre, another very well-known awareness centre. Her concern is to work for the public and in the health field agenda aiming at prevention of infections and access to preventive health care.