Popular Stimulant for Athletes


A Beta 2 Sympathomitetic and a popular stimulant for the Central Nervous System (CNS) this decongestant is used to lean mass in animals and is popular for its size zero effect known to rapidly reduce weight in the human body. It is used as a bronchodilator in many countries for the treatment of asthma, but is generally avoided in the USA and UK. As this drug is known to have anti-catabolic and thermogenic effects it is commonly preferred by athletes and bodybuilders. This is due to the fact that it slightly raises the core body temperature and enables loss of calorie (it is assumed that an increase of body temperature by 1°F aids in burning about 5% of the calories). Research studies on animals have shown that this stimulant contains powerful anabolic effects, and this is the reason why it is preferred by many in the hope of getting lean tissues. But there is no scientific evidence to prove the potential anabolic usage of this drug on human beings. Although this so called steroid is known to have quick effects on the body, its functions are quite simple and straightforward.

Common Dosage Recommendations

Since this decongestant is known to have powerful stimulatory effects it is always safe to take a break while using it for long periods. Some follow the two days on, two days off dosing cycle to give time for the stimulant to act properly on the body. But because this drug has a long half life it is recommended to follow the two weeks on, two weeks off regime to get the best results. Beginners usually start by taking a 20cg tablet on the first day followed by a subsequent increase in the intake by one tablet daily. Depending upon the level of tolerance, a dosage level of 140mcg (i.e., 7 tablets) should be taken on the 7th day and this schedule should be maintained throughout the second week. Due to receptor up-regulation it will not be of any use to increase the dosage level beyond 7 to 8 tablets per day. When moving on to the next cycle it is not required to start from the basic dosage level as you know your tolerance level and choose to start from a higher dosage level. You can also see the possible results for men from the various reviews posted on the internet about the appropriate dosage levels and its side effects.

A Major Problem of Muscle Cramping

A common problem that is faced by many while using this drug is muscle cramping. This mainly occurs due to the depletion of amino acid in the liver along with deficits of potassium and sodium. So it is recommended to stay well hydrated while using this drug. Studies have shown that giving taurine supplements during use of this stimulant relieves the user from painful muscle cramping. You can also see the possible results for men that have occurred while using this supplement by referring to the various research studies conducted till date.