Peter Max explains that Pop is the art for the masses


Pop Art is a form of art we often see all around us in today’s world. It is not just seen in paintings now, it is been showcased in plenty of other things relating to our daily use. From clothes to curtains, from handbags to table mats, there are a lot of objects being fashioned with the style of Pop Art. A touch of it can be seen in every nook and corner. Its vibrant colors, fun imagery and relatable themes tend to attract instead attention.  It has slowly become a significant part of the contemporary culture.

Popularity of Pop Art was inevitable says Peter Max

In its name itself, the ‘pop’ comes from the word popular, so how can the art form be anything but that. Defined by the usage of bold and simple styles and incorporation of everyday imagery, Pop Art pieces are undoubtedly very interesting to look at. It has a modern feel which instantly attracts the youngsters.

Today is the time of commercialization. There are a hundred different brands in the market, each striving to outdo each other. They are what we see at the visit to the mall, they are what we see as we switch on own our television. They have become a part of our lives. So why should not they be a part of our art?  Peter Max, who is a celebrated pop artist, has collaborated with major brands like Coca-Cola and NASCAR, giving their products a place on his canvas. Art is supposed to be the expression of our life, a reflection of a time. Pop Art does just that, it comes as a reflection of our time, today’s time.

Traditional art, which concentrates on the abstract expressionism may impress the frequent gallery goers and art collectors, but hardly leaves a lasting impression on the general public. A common man looks for something he can understand, something he can relate to and Pop Art does just that. They are not esoteric like the tradition arts, they make of things which each one of us see in our daily lives.  From our favorite food brand to our favorite singer, we can see them in the works of a Pop Artist.

Not just objects or people, even many prominent contemporary events are expressed through Pop Art. In one of Peter Max notable works he showcases the World Cup of 1994 and more recently he painted a beautiful piece on the 2017 US Open Tennis Tournament. These are the events which the world stops to watch. These are the events when everyone in the neighborhood sits in the front of their television to see how the game proceeds.  These events are what reflects the culture of today’s society and are depicted by artists like Max.

Pop Art also provides an illustration of the political scenario of the society and acts as a platform for social commentary. It’s fun and sarcastic approach is often more effective in putting across an important political development to the common people than anything else. A picture is worth a thousand words and it holds true for pop art too.

Its ability to be understood and liked by the masses is what made pop art a range, skyrocketing its popularity.