How to Participate At International Jazz Festival Bali 2017


International jazz festival Bali 2017 which can bring you dive deeper in the strains of jazz music will soon be held in August. In this event, there is a series of activities along with the performance of famous jazz musicians. Many top jazz musicians will take you to the heart of jazz rhythm. Some of them are Benny Brown, Maaike Den Dunnen, Glenn Buschman Jazz Academy, Gerald Clayton Trio, and many other top musicians. In addition to the performance of top musicians of jazz music, there is also the performance of jazz musicians in Indonesia. You can also enjoy the performance various art around Ubud apart from jazz music.

If you are planning to travel to Bali in the near future, make sure you participate in this Ubud International Jazz Festival.As many people say, beautiful music will give you a beautiful mind and a clear heart. This event can no doubt present you with beautiful jazz compositions by many accomplished jazz music composers.If you have the heart to participate in this event, you can visit the Ubud International Jazz Festival site.On this site you can bookInternational jazz festival Bali 2017 tickets.When you book a ticket on this site, you will be given 3 choices.

  1. Normal Pass for Day 1

When you book this ticket, you will get a pass to attend the event on the first day only. If you just want to come on this event on the first day only but not on the second day, you can book this ticket to be more cost effective. The ticket to follow the first day of this event will be yours with the price of 440,000 IDR.

  1. Normal Pass for Day 2

If you book this ticket, you can join this event on the second day. This ticket can only be used for the pass of event on the second day only. If you are interested in joining the event from the second day, you can get this ticket for the price of 440.000 IDR, the same price like Normal Pass for Day 1.

  1. Normal 2 Days Pass

For Normal 2 Days Pass, you can use this ticket to attend the event on the first and second day. If you choose to book this ticket, you will get a more cost effective price with 660.000 IDR for 2 days pass. Of course, when calculated in terms of spending, this will be better than you are booking tickets for one day only. Because here there will be an offer of accommodation for you during the trip, as well as a more regular schedule of events for your travel.

If you follow this event, there is International jazz festival Bali 2017 accommodationsfor you while in Bali.You will get an offer to stay at the Sheraton Hotel with special offers. Using this special offer, you will get accommodation such as excellent room to stay, 2 tickets for jazz cocktail, buffet breakfast for 2 adults, and other accommodation such as Wi Fi connection. You will more enjoy your travel if you participate in the Ubud International Jazz Festival. There is also a special offer to book flight tickets in cheap prices.