Modafinil: Know What You Should Do Beforehand to Avoid Complications


Modafinil is categorized as a Schedule IV controlled substance. This means that it can’t be legally purchased without the prescription from a doctor. As listed by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, the pills that fall under this classification are thought to have a limited potential for psychological dependence (addiction) or abuse. Nonetheless, there does seem to be some study to suggest that modafinil for sale may have a potential for addiction or abuse. A study has stated that there’s low-level tolerance developed with using this pill but it is combined regarding withdrawal effects associated with its discontinuation.

If there’s a physical withdrawal effect associated with the modafinil 200mg dosage, they’re most probably gentle; still, the development of mild tolerance represents that others could abuse the tablet to have the same effect that once occurred at lower doses. This might lead to psychological sensations of dependence. There’s a case report where this problem has occurred in a person who used very high doses of modafinil for daytime sleepiness.

Nonetheless, true physical dependence from modafinil use or abuse is rare.

Precautionary Measures

Before taking modafinil, inform your doctor or pharmacist if you’re allergic to this drug or to armodafinil. You’ll also have to inform them of any allergies you have. This product could contain inactive components, which can result in allergic reactions or other challenges. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for more information. Before using this treatment, inform your doctor or pharmacist of your medical history, especially heart problems (such as enlarged heart, chest pain, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, or mitral valve problem), liver problems, high blood pressure, heart problems after taking stimulant drugs like amphetamines (chest pain and irregular heartbeat), and mental/mood disorders (that include mania, depression, and psychosis). This also includes a family/personal background of a substance use disorder (including addiction or overuse of alcohol/drugs).

Sleep disorders can minimize your ability to respond easily. Even if modafinil helps you stay awake, you may not still be able to safely do things that ask for quick reactions (that include driving). This tablet may also make you feel sleepy. Alcohol and marijuana could make you dizzier. Don’t drive, use machinery, or handle any duties that need alertness until you can do it easily. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Talk to your doctor if you’re using marijuana.

Before an Operation and During Pregnancy – More Precautionary Measures

Before undergoing an operation, inform your doctor or dentists about all the items you use (which include prescription drugs, non-prescription pills, and herbal products). During your pregnancy, this treatment should only be utilized when necessary. Discuss the risks, results, and benefits with your doctor. It’s unclear if this tablet passes into breast milk. Consult your doctor before breastfeeding.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it’s near the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosage schedule. Don’t increase the dose to make up for the missed one. In addition, don’t take missed doses close to bedtime, as doing so can make it more difficult to have enough sleep. Read Full Report to learn more!