How to Relieve the Stress of College Planning


Moving to a new place, or even just a new apartment, is always difficult and highly stressful. Having to find a new apartment to live, while also dealing with notifying your current landlord and getting scammed out of your security deposit, and moving all of your stuff while still maintaining your normal everyday life is next to impossible. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You also have to adjust and get comfortable in your new home, and just hope you like the place you have now chosen to live.

It stands to reason that your most difficult move though would be your first one.

Moving out of your parents’ house and into your first college dorm or apartment is like nothing else you will ever go through. You have to plan excessively for something you really have no way of understanding.

And when planning for college, the move is only part of it. You also have to worry about starting your new education, providing for yourself for the first time, and transitioning into being an independent adult.

With the exhaustion and stress that comes in the months leading up to your first day at college, it is amazing that anyone even gets to the big day. But, one way or another, everyone makes it. It’s just a matter of making it as easy on yourself as possible.

Whether you are going to University of Southern California or University of South Carolina, this guide can help any student relieve their college planning stress.

Start Way in Advance

Give yourself as much time as you possibly can to plan for college. Luckily, the second semester of your senior year of high school is famously a breeze. So once you have been accepted into the college of your dreams, the majority of your energy should be shifted to planning for college. If you put stuff off until the last minute, the stores will only get more crowded, the school’s counseling department will only get more busy, and you will only get more stressed.

Let Your Parents Help

You have been living with your parents for 18 years now, so chances are you are starting to get pretty tired of them. Moving to college is your first big independent venture in your life, so you likely want to make all of the decisions yourself and make sure everything is exactly how you have always pictured it. Unfortunately, your parents are still much smarter than you, since you haven’t gone to college yet and all. Plus, they have much more experience with the many very boring adult problems you will be dealing with in your college planning process.

Talk to Students

Get in touch with the current students at the school you will be attending and get their advice. They will have valuable insight about how they wish they had planned for college differently that you can not get from anyone else. Take advantage of their experience and insight to make your process easier.