Getting To Know Different Types Of Showers


You might be thinking of buying a new shower system to give your bathroom a more contemporary design lately. This is when you really need to start exploring the different kinds of showers available in the market. Getting the ADA compliant shower that suits your needs and the design of your bathroom’s interiors is absolutely necessary. Another factor to consider is whether the shower would work well with the system of plumbing at your home. Following are the different kinds of showers:

  • Manual Mixer Shower: This system of shower takes in water from hot and cold supply sources and combines it in the unit. Such kinds of showers come as a deck mounted unit having an integrated shower handset. They are a popular choice among people for shower baths. All you have to do in this system is turn the taps on, pull the diverter switch and see the water flow through the shower head. The only problem is that you cannot increase the flow of water, as it depends upon the water flow from the tap.
  • Thermostatic Showers: With these showers you can have complete control over the temperature. It does take water from your source of supply, but has a pre-set thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature in it. Such showers can be deck mounted or can be a part of an exposed or concealed unit.
  • Power Showers: As in case of mixer showers, they use water from both hot and cold taps and mix them to maintain a favorable temperature. The only difference is that a power shower has an additional booster pump. It is useful in creating a significant pressure of water coming out from the shower.
  • Digital Showers: They work in ways that are similar to mixer or power showers, but you can have greater control over the temperature. It allows the user to set the desired temperature on a wireless digital panel installed in the shower. Different modes can be set to the shower as they are programmable. Water flow can also be controlled using the digital panel. The digital showers bring a touch of luxury to the bathroom. They also provide the required convenience for a great shower experience.
  • Airdrop Showers: An increasing number of individuals around the world are becoming conscious about the environment. This has resulted in the development of airdrop showers that help in preventing significant wastage of water. It sucks air into the water, reducing the amount of water used by the shower.

Author Bio: The author is an expert in ADA compliant shower systems and supervises the installation of showers in homes. He also writes occasionally about shower systems in various magazines.