DIY sauna kits offer multiple options and flexibility


Once you have decided to install a sauna at home it can be presumed that you know about the health benefits associated with it.  And it is also understood that you have taken a well informed decision in choosing sauna over steam room or steam shower because often people confuse the two to be the same.  However, the fact is that although the two systems offer similar health benefits they are as much different as chalk and cheese. Functionally these may appear to be similar but there are big differences in the areas of construction, heat emission and of course health benefits. Installing a sauna at home can be easy if you take the do it yourself route. There are different types of DIY sauna kits available in the market.

Getting ready

There are some pre-requisites that you have to fulfill before you start the process of installing the sauna on your own. The room where you have planned to install the sauna might have dry walls that have to be removed. The flooring should be of tiles or vinyl as this is the best non-permeable material available. Next, you have to decide on the type of sauna kits that could serve your purpose. There are many options to choose from. But whichever type you choose, make sure that the heater is included in the DIY kit because not all kits are supplied with heaters.

Your options

There are different types of DIY kits available for installing saunas and you should know the features and relative advantages of each so that you can take a well informed decision during selection. Firstly decide whether you want to have your sauna indoor or outdoor and then choose from the following options.

  • Pre- cut kits
  • Pre-fabricated kits
  • Infra red kits

Pre-cut kits

The lumber, boards and hardware come in custom cut sizes in this kind of kits that are for indoors only. This means that you have to share with the supplier the dimensional and layout details of the space where you want to install the sauna and you receive the made to order cut pieces that have to be put in place to build the sauna. This is ideal for converting a small room into sauna and lends a lot of flexibility as it can be obtained in any size that you prefer. Although the price of these sauna kits is quite affordable, it involves hard work during installation.

Pre-fabricated kits

Also known as modular kits, these can be used both indoor and outdoor.  The walls are pre-fabricated and the components have to be just screwed or fixed with brackets to complete the construction.  The installation takes much less time but the sizes are fixed thereby not allowing much flexibility. It is expensive too.

Infrared kits

In this type of sauna, the traditional sauna heating system using convection of heat through heated rocks is replaced by sophisticated infra red heating and is preferred for its low toxic levels.

Flexibility and quick installation are the main reasons for the popularity of these kits.