Delivering World-Class Affordable Wireline Services


The power of wireline tools is undeniable, thereby controlling the world that is more unpredictable and productive, enabling smarter decisions, breakthrough discoveries and deeper connections. They are a pre-eminent producer for various high-quality wireline tools. These tools power the technology and implement the solutions that transform the probability into reality and, with every step; they innovate with tenacity to deliver on those critical circumstances.

Western Pressure Controls was established in the year 1972 as a manufacturing unit and is presently operating from Edmonton, Canada. They have built up a wireline community both for the domestic and international client base across several cities. They have served the oil and gas industry with wireline services for over four decades.  Their management and profoundly trained workers understand the value of providing both timely and accurate production which provides a high degree of self-reliance in making those all important tube mounting judgments. Field services are delivered with least associated rig-up time charges to the full extent that safe methods support.

Business Strategy:

  • Purpose: They have established their leadership in the oil and gas production industry by providing enhanced services, involvement and profitability.
  • Vision: They strive to contribute a variety of services that transcend the prospects for their esteemed customers. Warren Bennis has quoted “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” And, this brand, in their sector, has established that. They are efficient in handling manpower and wireline equipment solutions in the major oil and gas markets in which they serve.
  • Mission: They formulate enduring relationships with their customers and clients and render outstanding customer services by persevering business through innovation and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Core values: They believe in managing their customers with respect and faith. They progress through inventiveness like mold machining to suit client blueprints and application. They integrate responsibility, sincerity and industry principles into all aspects of their business practices. They prefer to be adaptable and flexible as they approach every critical task.
  • Goals: They aim at a global expansion in the field of oil and gas market and develop a strong base of principal clients. They also endeavor at expanding the assets and the investments of the organization to support the development of services, and, to build the great reliability in the field of oil and gas industry and become a benchmark in the industry.

The Scope of Work:

Western Pressure Controls carries a complete line of wireline tools which are listed below:

  • Surface Equipment: There is a variety of equipment that is supplied by this organization as follows:
  1. Bleed Off / Purge Sub,
  2. Night Cap / Lifting Cap,
  3. Pump-In Sub,
  4. Line Oiler, etc.,
  • BHP Equipment: Major  downhole equipment falls under these types of equipment some of them are:
  1. Bombwells
  2. Collar Stops
  3. Hold Downs (No-Blows)
  4. J-Unlatching Tool

Advanced technology and building perfect toolset have improved the quality of reconstituted wireline products as established by Western Pressure Controls. However, it should be kept in mind that not all types of equipment that they carry are online. Yet, they provide an unmatchable service to their satisfactory customers. Please feel free to contact them regarding the full range of their services.