Concept of Subtraction Method and The Quintessential Benefits of Mind training


Mind training and meditation is almost synonymous a practice. Several scientific studies vouch for the fact that it helps in the reconstruction of the brain and trains it in terms of compassion, focus, stress handling and much more.

The subtraction method & its uniqueness

This method is at present rapidly being used by several minds and 마음수련원 to unite the human mind with that of the Universe. Are you amazed at reading this? But, it is true in its practicality. The subtraction method can help you eliminate the entire false human mind. As human beings, every individual lives in his or her self-created world that comprises of one’s memories stored as image fragments. People tend to believe that this world of theirs is the real world as the components seem to overlap the actual world.

The world that we create is basically the false world and when it collides with the real world it generates an acute sense of dissatisfaction and meaninglessness to the mind. For the very fact that this world has no actual existence, it is commonly known as the picture or the illusionary world.

In order to know true happiness, it is essential to go through the Subtraction method of meditation. This is a method whereby one can come out of the constant loop of frustration that the collision between the two worlds had triggered.

The mind and 마음수련원 is adopting the subtraction technique and also emphasizes the benefits of Mind training such as the following:

Better Anxiety Management

There are many who join these centers to induct themselves into meditation programs in order to reduce their anxiety levels. On a worldwide level, the ratio that is affected by stress is 1:14. Well, that is around 7.3 percent of the overall world population. More and more people are become bent on anti-depressants which can later take a toll on the health of you’re the heart. Thus, mind training is absolutely essential to strike the harmonious balance between the mind and the body.

Goodbye Attention Deficit Disorder!

People who suffer from ADHD have been reported to have reduced levels of ADHD symptoms as a result of successful mind training or meditation. Studies have strongly suggested that novice mediators’ working memory is improved through mind training only in the first four days of practice. Your mind will keep away from distractions and thus result in revived focus. Plus, mind training practices also helps a person to be mindful of his or her surroundings and happenings by which they can derive a better perspective of ‘Now’.

Compassionate & happy mental space

People have the notion of thinking that their emotional range is something unchangeable. But, science has proven that the scenario is a bit different. Researches have concluded that the human mind with the necessary training can both increase and cultivate feelings of compassion and empathy. So, happier family trips are ahead of you!

Improved Productivity levels

The ‘flight or flight’ mode of the mind is potentially dangerous as it decreases the mind’s capacity to perform to its fullest. When mind training is practiced regularly, it can considerably enhance one’s productivity levels.