Clenbuterol is a potent bronchodilator and an effectualfat-burner


Clenbuterol, commonly called Clen is not a steroid and is classified as ‘beta-2 agonist’ and has similar effects of stimulant drugs such as ephedrine or amphetamine. This drug was primarily developed for the treatment of respiratory disorders like asthma. This bronchodilator and decongestant opens up the blocked airways thus enabling an individual to breathe. This improved breathing is also useful to athletes who benefit from cardiovascular endurance. This medication acts as a weight loss drug and also as a performance enhancing drug. This drug used for human consumption is available in the tablet form while for veterinarian use the syrup form is used.

It is used alone and also in combination with other steroids to promote anabolic effects and reduce catabolic effects. Some studies on animals have reported that this stimulant has the ability to increase muscle mass by enhancing protein synthesis. Bodybuilders and athletes often use it as a “fat burner” as it increases the metabolism and temperature of your body that helps in calorie burning. Though it is banned in the USA, this drug is easily available in Mexico and many visit this nation for buying this supplement. This drug is not sold at pharmacies and usually purchased from steroid labs in Mexico.

Effects on women

As this medication stimulates metabolism and helps in weight loss, it is popular among women who want to reduce weight and stay in shape.It is safe for women to use provided doses are accurate and well combined with exercise and workout. The dosages range is between 10-40mg and higher doses are taken by experienced users. For the beginners, 10mg daily dosage should be the optimum one. You must include sufficient intake of vitamins, potassium and taurine in your diet. Women can take this supplement alone or combine it with Anavar. Take 20mg of this drug and 40mg Anavar for two days and for the following two days, continue Anavar without this drug.

When your body gets tolerant to the stack then increase the daily dosage to 40mg and follow the same pattern. Advanced users can increase the dose of this drug up to 60mg or 80mg depending upon their tolerance level. Female results depend on physical condition, diet and weight, the intensity of workouts and use of other strength boosters. Its fat burning properties are powerful than most other steroids. Women athletes use it simply to get rid of body fat without causing muscle loss. Negative effects associated with this medication are less severe than other steroids as it does not cause hair loss or affects a user’s fertility.

Purchasing this drug in Mexico

The laws regarding the steroids and supplements differ throughout the world. The FDA has banned its use in the USA but is easily available in Mexico and many other countries. In Mexico, the supplement is not sold in pharmacies. The users purchase it from underground steroid labs in Mexico but one has to be sure of purchasing the safest product. Sometimes the products may be of inferior quality as some countries have limited manufacturing regulations and requirements. The prices are low in Mexico and this often allures people to purchase this product. This drug is legal and shipped freely to Mexico and more than 100 countries.