All new mobile film festival for the short film makers


In the internet world, anything can be taken and purchased through the online and so it is highly used by most of the people. Moreover, the internet is the heaven for the entertainment, because you can get a variety of funny pictures, videos and so on. Most of the people loved to see that kinds of videos on the internet and so they are looking for the right site which gives the useful and effective short films. Furthermore, some of them may have the interest in taking films based on any concepts and they may also seek for the perfect place to get the recognition. For this purpose, the mobile film festival France is introduced to the people to get the appreciation in the most effective manner. This article gives you the information about the mobile film festival in a clear way.

About the mobile film festival

In the mobile film festival, any person can upload their video to get the proper recognition, because if you share your videos on the site, a lot of people can see. This will give you the publicity to you. Furthermore, the mobile file festival France can also allow you to share the videos which are shown on the portal can be shared with your friends and others. Moreover, it does not ask you any charges to upload your film on the portal and so this is one of the best places to get gratitude to your film. In addition to that, it can also provide you many prizes, if your film, which is uploaded on the portal, is seen by many people. So, you can also upload your film to the mobile film festival contest to get the wonderful credit from the viewers.

Prizes awarded for the participant

When you have decided to participate in the contest, you can also upload your film on the mobile film festival. So, your film should be having a strong concept and also it should have the duration which does not exceed 60 seconds. There are three kinds of prizes can be awarded to the participant and they are the winner of the day, winner of the week and overall winner.  In that manner, the winner of the day is given to the participant who has accumulated the most views on the particular day. Then, the winner of the week is also same as mentioned earlier, but the duration is one week. After that, the overall winner is selected by the ranking of the participants by calculating the number of views in the competition period. When two or more number of participants has the same number of views, then the random draw will be organized to select the one. In that manner, the participants are selected by the calculation of views of the videos on the site. So, you can also upload your videos on the site to get proper appreciation, prizes in the most effective way.