Advantages Of Online Trading Platforms


Quick customer service and high-performance trading are made possible using online trading platforms. In India, a huge chunk of traders preferred to trade online after a major shift toward self-help.

Even though some of the traders took to traditional stockbroking houses or local brokers there is a set of new age traders who fancy the internet world. There is an option to choose from discount brokers to Zero brokerage. Clients like to handle the trade online due to the following reasons:


Online trading on the internet comes with high speed and an eye blinking transaction speed thrills the hyper-intelligent mind. A trade happens within a span of a minute and deals run amidst microseconds. One need not wait for the action to unfold as most of the online trading companies are coming up with technology that matches up to the speed both in desktop and mobile phone.


There are prominent players who don’t compromise on service. They have the integrated transfer system and keep a multiple watch on stocks and shares. Specillay they provide traders with the benefit of streaming quotes along with research calls. These power-packed features are accurate to give anyone interested the power to identify opportunities in the market.


Unlike the conventional trading platforms the look and feel online is quite attractive. The potential trader gets to enjoy the look and feel of the trading terminal. There are demo videos that show the way these platforms operate and these are made to let the trader choose the best. Some of the top features available on them are unique making them the one-tap instrument of the volatile trade.

Discount Brokers

Discount Brokers on the online trading platforms offer multiple platforms and are new to the trading ecosystem. They work on discount broking model. There are companies that also offer Zero brokerage which also adds to the competition in the market. Mostly the new entrants have come up with the trading platform and provide features on par with the conventional firms.

Advanced tools

Most of the trading platforms offer advanced trading tools. These tools such as the option writer, trade guide signal, portfolio optimizer help one make right decisions while trading online. Mutual funds overview and one point access to all trading reports enable a trader to easily make choices that are otherwise difficult to manage.

Mobile Applications

Market movements are easily tracked and managed by mobile applications. They can be downloaded in different versions such as Android, IOS and Blackberry. Technology has improvised giving years if free chart data giving a 360-degree view of the market.

Trading Platform with these functionalities is robust enough to under the client requirements. Above all, a user-friendly and light web or mobile applications are also stuffed with backtesting, market watch, advanced charting features. Brokers charge a minimum fee on a monthly basis or give these features for free. The clients being the priority brokers go to any lengths to offer the best of such terminal based trading platforms.

Better deals

As the competition gets higher the best of offerings also include powerful search features and fast trade execution based technical indicators. These wide range of functionalities have made online trading platform the most viable market in the world of investment and stock brokerage.