A Guide to Some Facts About Workers Compensation


A worker is not just entitled to the stipulated salary but other benefits like the workers compensation. This is a great insurance for those workers who get injured while they are at work. All they have to do is prove that the injury was inflicted as a result of the negligence on the part of the employer, and he is eligible to enjoy immediate and following medical benefits as well as as financial benefits for the worker. The employer is bound to give financial benefits and compensations to the family of the worker if he happens to die in the accident.

It is true that the workers compensation or workmen compensation laws vary with different states but there are certain basic facts that remain the same for all places. They are as follows:

  1. Not every company is eligible to get workers compensation, there is a minimum number of employees that is fixed for any company to want workers compensation. This does not mean that all employees are entitled to this insurance. Often companies hire people under the category of ‘casual labor; these are the employees who are not eligible to enjoy the benefits of workers compensation.
  1. The need to prove that the employer was at fault was very strictly maintained in the past times, but the modern day workers compensation laws have become rather lenient and have hence amended this rule. The change says that the worker only needs to prove that the injury occurred while the worker was at work.

Getting the claims of a workers compensation is not a cake walk, you need to hire good and expert lawyer like Ann Sheeley from Rhode Island, who specializes in this field. She has the experience of 22 years in this arena. She can also help you in legal cases dealing with personal injury, criminal defense too.

  1. The third basic general rule of a workers compensation is; the worker has to go the medical aid center that the employer arranges for. The worker can in no way complain of the kind of medical treatment he will be given. If the worker tries to create any problem with this, then he could have to forego his claim of the insurance. This particular rule, at times, seems unfair to many workers. If the worker wishes to go to the doctor of his own choice, he will have to pay his own bills.
  1. The fee structure of the workers compensation attorneys is on a contingency basis. In most states these lawyers like Ann Sheeley from Sheeley Law do not get a flat fee for fighting any case of workers compensation; instead they are given a percentage of the amount that the worker receives as compensation. If there is no recovery for the worker, the lawyer does not get paid.
  1. The final rule that is basic to the workers compensation is – the lawyers fees must be first approved by the Workers Compensation Commission. This is absolutely mandatory, there is no way that a workers compensation attorney can fight a case of this category without an approval from the commission.

So, we see that if these basic simple rules are abided by, the workers have every reason to work happily for the rest of their lives.