A Decision Which Has Enhanced the Fitness Level of a Couch Potato


A couple of months back, a friend of mine started taking part in physical activities (need not to mention he was a couch potato) as well as weight training and I am flabbergasted to see the results. Although, he was not doing weight training five times a week, but he was doing it at least three times a week. According to a research that only 150 minutes of physical training every week can transform your body.

His Performance before Starting Exercise

I can remember that he was unable to board the train even if he has to run for a couple of seconds only. In case he ran to catch the train or bus, he used to take several minutes to resume normal breathing. He was unable to use the stairs and was a regular patient of neck and lower back problems. This was due to weak muscles, which were transformed into stronger ones after doing exercise. Due to the regulated hormonal secretion and supplement which contains 0.3 L-Dopa, now he is not suffering from acidity, digestion problems and insomnia and stress is also in control. Now he is not embarrassed to walk on the beaches in swimming costume. He has achieved this after being regular at physical activities and these are the things which are visible, but there are several valuable benefits which can be felt.

Join a Gym or a Fitness Centre

The idea behind joining fitness clubs is to provide you a separate location from your home where you can invest some time in physical activities. It doesn’t matter if you are devoting a short period of time only. If you are too busy, then you can invest in short term exercises and for that you don’t even need to visit a gymnasium. You can perform these exercises with your bodyweight only; these exercises are so easy that you can perform it within 10 minutes and you don’t need any equipment to perform these exercises. These exercises are also known as high intensity interval training. You can also include a supplement in your diet for good health which contains contains 0.3 L-Dopa.

When you are working out in group this motivates you and forces you to move further. When you visit a fitness centre, you will see a lot of guys transforming their body; this will also attract you and make you think that you are no different from them, if they have achieved a well toned body, then why not you can achieve it?


When you join a fitness club, make sure to indulge in regular exercise routine because this is what you have joined for. If you have already joined, then you may be aware that it is easy to waste your time at different places within the fitness club’s premises. You will find many people chatting in the locker room or enjoying in the steam room. A lot of people spend their time while sitting on stationary bikes while watching TV or enjoying music. They sit on stationary bikes and set it on low intensity option. They don’t do what they are supposed to do and they rest more between the sets.