5 Things You Should Have for Your College Study Sessions


When you study in college, you want to make sure that your arsenal is complete. The last thing you want is to have an incomplete set up, because it will make studying a lot more inefficient. The truth of the matter is that studying efficiently requires not only tools, but also sustenance. You want to keep your energy up without burning out. This is why you don’t want to rely on a steady stream of sugar. A steady sugar increase will slow you down, which is the last thing you want. Yet, there are some things that you just can’t go without. These are items that will make organizing your notes easier, and even filling out math equations more easily. Here are five things you should have for your college study sessions.

  1. Scratch Paper

It is critical to have scratch when you study – not only when you study math, but also when you are writing down references for papers. Of course, for environmental reasons, you want to reduce the amount of scratch paper you use, but you would be surprised by what you can fit on a piece of 8×14 legal paper.

  1. Healthy Snacks

Indeed, healthy snacks are recommended – not sugary or fatty snacks that you are used to. If you stick to unhealthy, sugary snacks, you will run the risk of crashing. If you are trying to pull an all-nighter, binging on candy could bring you down before you are done studying. The last thing you want is to do poorly on your exam because you didn’t eat healthy enough. In fact, you may want to clear your pantry or fridge of any temptations.

  1. A Calculator

A calculator is critical, because there is a good chance that you want to test your math equations. If you are studying math (a lot of colleges require it as a prerequisite), you want to know if the equations you developed are right or wrong. The only way to do this is to fill them out the hard way and then test them the quick way with a calculator. Ideally, you want to get used to not using one, but it is important to keep handy.

  1. A Notebook

Your notebook is important, because it has all your notes. However, you may want to have out a clean notebook, so that you can transfer your old notes into it. Sometimes, rewriting your notes can really help you remember a lot of the concepts that your professor touched base on. You may even want to transcribe your recorded notes into this empty notebook whenever you get back from class. Recording your lectures can often be the best way to ensure that your notes are complete when you attend a major college like University of Cincinnati.

  1. Clean Pens and Pencils

On top of everything, you want to have a steady supply of clean pens and pencils. Clean meaning that your pens should have ink and your pencils should be sharpened. Indeed, a pen is good for note taking and a pencil is good for working out complicated equations. In the end, if you don’t have a pen or pencil on hand, it will be difficult to study efficiently.